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                            Brief Introduction
  Shijiazhuang Special Roller Co.,Ltd is one of the earlier professional domestic company which produces centrifugal compound roller and roll ring applied to steel rolling. Our company's throughput is 5000 tons of high quality rollers and roll rings.
  Our company with reasonable product techniques and advanced equipments has 5 medium frequency furnaces,3 horizontal centrifuges,4 roll ring special-purpose vertical centrifuges,4 well-type and stand heat-treatment furnaces, and more than 60 circularizing,milling ,planing ,grinding cooling process equipment. Our analysis and measurment methods include: direct-reading spectrum analyzer (BAIRD Spectrovac. 2000) and fast carbon-sulfer analyzer, electronic digital balance, supersonic flaw-detector, metallograph,electronic thermometer, Shore-D hardness tester and routine chemical analysis devices. We also have perfect quality
guarantee system ." SSRW" rollers is famous for reliable quality and superior performance in a lot of domestic
and foreign major iron and steel enterprises.
  Our company cooperates with such research institutes as Beijing General Iron and Steel Research Institute in technique for a long time and our product's quality has been improving and advancing gradueily ~ We have passed the ISO9002(1994) quality system authentication in 1999, and sequentially passed the ISO9001(2000)quality system authentication in 2003.
  The Shijiazhuang Special Roller Co.,Ltd promises to provide iron and steel enteprises home and abroad with high quality products, reasonable prices and perfect service
  Welcome the domestic and foreign friends persence!

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